Current Mercer Lecture

The prestigious Mercer Lecture is selected by a panel comprising of one representative from Tensar International, ISSMGE, IGS and previous Mercer Lecture Award Winners.

2017/2018 Mercer Lecture - More details coming soon…

Previous Mercer Lectures

Stabilization of Paved Roads using Geosynthetics
Professor Jorge Zornberg
2016 / 2017

Geosynthetics for Waterways and Flood Protection Structures – Controlling the Interaction of Water and Soil
Dr.-Ing Michael Heibaum
2012 / 2013

Use of Geosynthetics to Improve Seismic Performance of Earth Structures (PDF 517kb)
J. Koseki

Soil-geosynthetic interaction: Modelling and Analysis (PDF 517kb)
Ennio M. Palmeira

Contribution of Geosynthetics to the Geotechnical Aspects of Waste Containment (PDF 2.1mb)
2005 – 2006

Reinforcement Loads in Geosynthetic walls and the case for a new working stress design method (PDF 651kb)
Richard J. Bathurst, Tony Allen, Dave Walters

The Behaviour of Geosynthetic Reinforced Soil Systems in Various Geotechnical Applications (PDF 1.35mb)
A, McGown
Mercer Lecture 2000

Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls as Important Permanent Structures (PDF 3.01mb)
F.Tatsuoka, M, T. Uchimura and J. Koseki
1996 – 1997

Geosynthetics and Environmental Engineering (PDF 3.85mb)
Prof. Jean-Pierre GOURC

Remaining Technical Barriers to Obtaining General Acceptance to Geosynthetics (PDF 1.34mb)
Robert M. Koerner, Y. Hsuan & Arthur E. Lord, Jr

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