The International Geosynthetics Society

The International Geosynthetics Society (IGS) brings together individual and corporate members from all parts of the world, who are involved in the design, manufacture, sale, use or testing of geotextiles, geomembranes, related products and/or associated technologies, or who teach or conduct research about such products.


The aim of the International Society is the promotion of international co-operation amongst engineers and scientists for the advancement and dissemination of knowledge in the field of geotechnics, and its engineering and environmental applications. Benefits of membership include:

- possibility to submit papers to many conferences and symposia
- lower conference registration fees
- possibility of membership of one of 30 technical committees working on specific topics
- access to work of ISSMGE in various fields of activity, including Education, Communications,Technology Transfer
- opportunities to demonstrate leadership in Technical Committee, conference and other activities
- opportunities to build lasting world-wide relationships
- a clear demonstration of interest and professionalism in the field of Geotechnics

Tensar International

Tensar International is a world-leader in the manufacture and provision of soil reinforcement and ground stabilisation solutions.

Tensar's high performance range of innovative geogrid and geotextile products has been continuously developed since their introduction in the 1970s as the first products of their type. The superior performance of Tensar products has benefited thousands of roads, rail, runway, embankment and many other applications across the world. Backed by regional offices and an international network of specialist distributors, our service and products are available wherever ground reinforcement and soil stabilisation are required.

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